Jang Keun-Suk

Jang Keun-SukProfile

  • Name Jang Keun-Suk
  • Hangul: 장근석
  • Birthdate: August 4, 1987
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • University: Hanyang University
  • Height: 182 cm
  • Blood type: A
  • Twitter: @AsiaPrince_JKS


Jang Keun-Suk was born on August 4, 1987 in Danyang County, Chungcheongbuk Province, South Korea. He is the only child in his immediate family. At the early age of six, Keun-Suk started to work as a child model. His work as a child model came about by a fortuitous event. When his parents were selling their home, a perspective buyer came to their house who worked as a talent agent. When he saw young Jang Keun-Suk at the house, he advised his parents that Geun-seok should work as model. [1]

Jang Keun-Suk made his acting debut four years later in the 1997 HBS sitcom “Selling Happiness” (Haengbokeul Pabmoda). He then continued to work in television as a child actor. In middle school, Keun-Suk heard the music of Japanese pop singer singer Ken Hirai & Japanese rock band L’Arc-en-Ciel. He was inspired enough by these bands to start learning the Japanese language by himself. In junior high school, Keun-Suk went to school in New Zealand to learn English & Japanese. Because of his studies in New Zealand, he can carry casual conversations in both languages.[2] Even though Geun-Suk wanted to continue his studies in New Zealand, a job offer brought him back to South Korea. Keun-Suk landed a role in the popular MBC sitcom “Nonstop 4.” After his work in Nonstop 4, Geun-Suk fell into a self-perceived slump and didn’t think his acting was good enough. He decided then to re-devote himself to becoming a true actor.[3] In 2005, Keun-Suk ‘s portrayal of the president’s son in the SBS drama “Lovers in Prague” became a hit and was well regarded by drama fans.

In 2006, Keun-Suk made the jump to the big screen in the Japanese horror film “One Missed Call Final.” Using his past experience with the Japanese language, Keun-Suk was able to communicate with his Japanese co-stars with no problems. He also learned sign language for the prior three months in preparation for his role as a deaf boy in “One Missed Call Final”. His next role was back on the small screen with the KBS2 historical drama “Hwang Jin-yi.” Keun-Suk’s performance in “Hwang Jin-yi” did gain the attention of many female fans. The following year in 2007, Keun-Suk was casted in the rock music themed film “The Happy Life.” His portrayal of Hyeon-ju in “The Happy Life” allowed Keun-seok to show off his masculine charms, as well as display his skills as a singer. Keun-Suk would go on to play in two more music inspired titles in 2008, with the feature film “Doremifasolasido” and the MBC TV drama “Beethoven Virus.”

Keun-Suk ‘s next role in the 2009 thriller “The Case of Itaewon Homicide” marked the first time Geun-Suk performed as a villain. The film is based on a true story of a murder that occurred at a Burger King restaurant in Itaewon, South Korea.

In 2011, Jang Keun-Suk embarked on his fan tour “The Cri Show,” which began in April and travelled through Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan., Malaysia, Thailand and China (Shanghai). His last performance ended at the Seoul Olympic Hall on August 4th, 2011. “The Cri Show” consists of Jang Keun-Suk performing in front of his fans as well as meeting and signing autographs. On October 26, 2011 Jang Keun-Suk will release a DVD titled “Budapest Diary” in Japan. The DVD “Budapest Diary” has Jang Geun-Suk as the primary actor and also Jang Geun-Suk participated in writing the screenplay and selecting the locations for filming. The DVD also includes a “Making Of” video, photo book, souvenir and original poster.


  1. On August 6, 2011 Jang Keun-Suk will attend the Audi Asia Pacific Area Free Test-Drive event held by Audi Korea. The event takes place in Songdo, Incheon, South Korea. Jang Keun-Suk’s appearance is made by request of Audi Japan. A small fan meeting will be held with Jang Keun-Suk and Japanese fans at the event.
  2. Jang Keun-Suk performs theme song “200 Miles” for Japanese animation film “Fairy Tail”. The song “200 Miles” is taken from his album titled “Just Crazy” (released May 30, 2012 in Japan).
  3. Jang Keun-Suk released single “Beautiful Day” on January 8, 2014 as the sixth OST single for drama series “Bel Ami”.
  4. Jang Keun-Suk graduated from Hanyang University on February 20, 2014. He first enrolled in the school in 2006 and he has also donated more than 1.2 billion South Korean Won ($1.1 million USD) to the school’s scholarship fund.


  • Human, Space, Time and Human | Inganui Shigan (2018) – Adam
  • You’re My Pet | Neoneun Pet (2011) – Kang In-Ho
  • Where the Truth Lies | Beogeoking Salinsajeon (2009) – Pearson
  • Baby and Me | Ahgiwa Na (2008) – Joon-Soo
  • Doremifasolasido (2008) – Shin Eun-Kyu
  • Crazy Waiting | Gidarida micheo (2008) – Park Won-Jae
  • The Happy Life | Jeulgeowun Insaeng (2007) – Hyun-Joon
  • One Missed Call Final | Chakushin ari final (2006) – An Jinu

Drama Series

  • Switch: Change the World | Seuwichi: Sesangeul Baggweora (SBS / 2018) – Sa Do-Chan / Baek Joon-Soo
  • A Korean Odyssey | Hwayuki (tvN / 2017-2018) – Peacock (ep.3)
  • The Royal Gambler | Daebak (SBS / 2016) – Baek Dae-Gil
  • Bel Ami | Yebbeun Namja (KBS2 / 2013) – Dokgo Ma-Te
  • Love Rain | Sarangbi (KBS2 / 2012) – Seo In-Ha (in the 1970s) / Seo Joon (In-Ha’s son in 2012)
  • Ikemen Desu ne (TBS / 2011) – himself (ep.8)
  • Marry Me, Mary! | Maerineun Uibakjoong (KBS2 / 2010) – Kang Mu-Kyul
  • You’re Beautiful | Minamyisinyeoyo (SBS / 2009) – Hwang Tae-Kyeong
  • Beethoven Virus (MBC / 2008) – Kang Geon-Woo
  • Hong Gil-Dong, The Hero | Kwaedo Honggildong (KBS2 / 2008) – Lee Chang-Hee
  • Hwang Jin-Yi (KBS2 / 2006) – Kim Eun-Ho
  • Alien Sam (Tooniverse / 2006) – Bong Sam
  • Lovers in Prague | Peurahaui Yeonin (SBS / 2005) – Yun Geun-Hee
  • Nonstop 4 (MBC / 2003) – Jang Geun-Suk
  • Great Ambition | Daemang (SBS / 2002) – Park Si-Young (young)
  • Ladies of the Palace | Yeoin Cheonha (SBS / 2001-2002) – Jung-Ryum (young)
  • Four Sisters | Ne jamae Iyagi (MBC / 2001) – Young-Hoon (young)


  • Best Actor (long-length drama) (“The Royal Gambler”) – 2016 SBS Drama Awards- December 31, 2016
  • Ten Star Award (“The Royal Gambler”) – 2016 SBS Drama Awards – December 31, 2016
  • Most Popular Actor (“You’re My Pet”) – 2012 (48th) PaekSang Arts Awards]] – April 26, 2012
  • Most Popular Actor (“Where the Truth Lies”) – 2010 (46th) BaekSang Arts Awards – March 26th.

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